If I sold Kareem, who would I go for?

My current squad is

99 Oscar - 98 Vince (D) - 98 KD - 98 Webber - 98 Hakeem (3PT)
97 Pippen (3PT) - 98 TMac - 97 Dr. J (3PT) - 98 Bosh (D) - 98 Kareem

To replace KAJ at C I would use a combo of 97 Dirk & 98 Shaq.

Not sure if I even should sell him but if I do, I would end up with about 200k on XB1 (maybe a little more).

So the question is, who would make the most sense to pick up to improve the rest of my squad? I’m thinking Amy Porzingis and 97 LeBron (LeBron to replace Dr. J, and Porzingis for Bosh)? Or is there a better move?

pippen at point :confused:

A lot of people on here suggested that - he’s got very good playmaking for a SF and obviously the size. I end up switching him onto the opponent’s PG most of the time anyway

AD with an open 3 shoe instead of bosh and 97 LeBron is fine to replace Dr j. I wouldn’t get rid of Kareem unless you’re thinking of getting kat.

For anyone curious I decided against selling him and I now run him at PF! Squad is set up like this now:

99 Oscar - 98 Vince - 98 KD - 98 KAJ - 98 Hakeem
97 Pippen - 98 Tmac - 98 Dr J - 98 Webber - 98 Shaq / 97 Dirk.

Good balance in the two units of scoring power and defense.

thats a scary squad but isnt VC a brick layer?

Well for some reason it’s harder to green his releases. But I have more non-green, full-bar release shots that fall with him than anyone else. He is a scoring machine for me. If I didn’t play him next to KD he’d probably average 18 or so in SuperMax

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Hakeem and Kareem on the court at once would suck to go against lol.

When they are on the court together, they don’t protect the rim…

There is no rim.


Yea Kareem has been great for me at PF next to 98 Shaq. If one misses from the post the other gets the rebound putback. Kareem is quick enough to chase around some smaller guys too.

I was running Hakeem and Kareem together for the past week or so and it’s just unfair… Haha. I went with Hakeem at the 4 though due to the extra shooting and Kareem with the extra height at the 5. Have sold my Kareem as I’m selling everything off as I’m off overseas for over a month but it breaks my heart to sell him. Favourite card this year and one of my favourite 2 last year with Ray.