If for not exp challanges

I would never play TTO, the mode is gross in terms of gameplay, funny how most sweats don’t even play MTU anymore and hang there.



just played a game against someone sitting in the paint with blake while trying to do varejaos xp challenge lol

i mean i dont expect people to let me do my challenges and shit but bro.you have a full pd lineup and you out here sweating against 2 sapphires and a ruby ? lol


Bro exactly. I got guys pausing me and shit when I’m not passing to anyone but Varajo and passing up open shots give the ball to him lol. But congrats on your huge win with all PD vs my Saphire squad that featured Verajo as my play maker lmao


I already finished my Dee Brown unlimited assists. Honestly only needed 20 minutes with Jordan and someone who was winning by 15 against me hopped on and told me he wasn’t gonna let me complete my challenge, that he was gonna leave Dee open and triple team my JR, and that I was wasting my time. I was like ok, quit bro, otherwise I’m gonna get my 20 minutes with Jordan and complete my challenge and you’re going to have wasted your time. Lol. I have a terrible lag so I’m never gonna win an unlimited or limited game while I’m at home on ps4.

I ran Varejao with a couple golds or silvers and got matched with a bot. That’s the way to do it.


If they have jr smith or Steph you know what’s about to happen lol


Man some people are so shitty. If I can tell someone is doing an XP challenge I’ll try to help them do it. Unless I’m also doing an XP challenge then it’s fair game.


so annoying. I was thinking the same thing. Ok buddy, my best player is Varajao, as I’m matched up with someone who’s entire game plan consists of holding down turbo with diamond Ja and hoping the dunk animation initiates, then flash pausing when it does.

I also find it funny when you match up with someone who clearly has no idea who your cards are.

I had a guy paint camping with amethyst Ibaka as I drained 7 wide open 3s with Lafrentz


how do you know when you run against bots ?

This is exactly why I’m staying away from this season player stuff. I just want to log on a play a casual game here and there then boot up another game.

Their name usually has a - or _ in it. Usually words. Like cinnamon-daylight some kind of weird random words. And then when they play they won’t dribble. They just wait like 4 seconds and pass to the nearest teammate. It’s nice for steals challenges. You usually only get matched up with a bot if you play with and Amy or lower with two emeralds or lower.

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You’ll know BC there can’t possibly be any human being that bad at the game & they do the same button tap combinations the entire game.

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On triple threat ? That’s where you matched with a bot ? Or unlimited

TTO. That’s where the varejao paint points are right?

Oh yea right. I need to finish his blocks

Triple Threat offline is good for that. Just paint sit and bait your opposing guard into driving

They don’t drive they shoot threes lmao. Ima switch to current gen to try

Yeah my bad, I’m not on next gen yet

I don’t think I’d be playing ANY mode without exp. There’s simply nothing new in the game for years now, so using bad players for skill challenges gives me a reason to play.

you can still bait the cpu to drive in next gen. switch your matchup to the opposing ‘PG’ usually the X icon when you do the switch. then when CPU is inboundng the ball sit on either corner of the paint near baseline. the cpu will ALWAYS attempt a floater thats when you swat