If anyone is thinking of picking up kawhi here is my advice

Stop thinking about it and make the move. he is an absolute beast. Has every hof shooting badge and it damn well shows too. He is the most consistent shooter out of any card ive used. Better than diamond larry. And he is obviously clamps. I dont regret my purchase at all. If your on the fence make the jump. Seriously. I dropped 32 my first game with him. He went 9/11 from 3 lol


^^^^^ what raptors said

@raptorsbenchmob unfortunately I can no longer afford him unless I sell 98 d wade. I was trying to hold wade for a possible Bron duo. Kawhi has been going for 240 to 278k

Absolute best and one of the best two way players in the game.

No matter how good that duo is i think kawhi is more valuable. But to each of their own. I myself am interested in getting that dwade in case of the duo too. the miami throwbacks together are crazy. Duos get boosted with some crazy shooting stats lol. I made a whole lebron line up with Miami and cavs players that have played with lebron. Everyone is a duo except love. But i wanna get that richard jefferson duo with jr smith … then put Richard at the 4 and frye at the 5. Only run this squad pre season though. Also run my all raptors squad. Beat a guy today with a bench of gold fvv. Silver delon wright. Emerald cj miles. Gold siakam and porzingis (lol need someone to stretch the floor. Dont like biyombos card lol. Man that guy musta been cheesed losing to such a “weak” squad lol.

I’m waiting on the kawhi- Duncan duo

I sold my kawhi for 98 LeBron but i miss kawhi. He will be back soon, dude is consistent as fuck and will put the clamps down…

His consistency is what gets me. Normally after a few buckets in a row ill miss with the same guy. But kawhi just drains like a g

Yea man ima pick him back up next crash. He would low key get 20 pts fot me without me notificing lol.

Yah man. Hes straight savage. I put larry on the bench over him lol

Lol i had to move pg13 to sg to make room for kawhi. Works out so great

Damn bro hopefully you got that kawhi that just ended at 151k bid @HollygroveMikey4MVP

Nope I was in a game and missed it

So close to putting diamond MJ (with open 3 point shoe) to pick up Kawhi… thoughts ?

Do it.

How much you think I’ll get for a diamond pierce with diamond defense shoe/contract? I’ve got about 90k and I could sell him to scoop Kawhi

At SF I dont see Kawhi over KD and the 2 new Brons. At SG it is also tough to put him above Tmac and 98 Kobe.

Does the diamond Kawhi have the same shot release as his saphire? Because Saphire felt not so bad as I have heard about the Kawhi release.

Im telling you. Kawhi is CRAZY. His shooting is out of this world. His finishing. Hes a full fledged monster. Ive never green so many shots in my life. I did a spinning 3 pointer from limitless range with him and he banged it noooooo problem. And he can defend all the cards you said haha

What’s the best shoe for him? planning to pair him up with AK47 w/bubblegum shoe. I think this will be good for defense.

Kawhi doesnt need a defensive shoe. If anything a playmaking shoe or a rebounding shoe. His defense is all 99s