Idols Series III - Kawhi, KAT, Jamison, Fultz, Caldwell and Gordon

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:eyes: klaw

Link here

Wasn’t someone just asking for this? This set looks :fire:

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@6thManSam Thanks!

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And there he is… The end game SG. Kawhi, meet my bag.

Sick. Time to pick up some vc? damn you 2k :money_mouth_face:

the first set to only have GO and DM’s

This looks like the tydebo set lol kawhi and kat

I’m tempted to open some packs ngl :joy: god damn you, 2K…

Jamison is going to be ridiculous!

@Jo3_RK could you change the picture to show all the cards and maybe a link too.

I am sure an invincible Kawhi will be available by end of year right?

Shit. I used my second last blinders on Bill… Now need to decide between Kawhi and Luka. No WAIT. I’ll but a Klaw with it, fuck yeah! Haha


Probably Invincible Kawhi the end of this season/ sometime next season.

Raptors one hopefully. This card end game though

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his GOAT card best have blinders… and a raptors kawhi

Time to say goodbye to Ray Ray :frowning:

Served me well.

One reason:
Current GEN

IDOL packs are not guaranteed, right?