Idols Series III invincible Steph Curry

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Just a quick question

Lately I’ve been watching the stats and badges of new cards and I noticed that alot of cards only have Gold Tight Handles when some them, in lower versions, had it HOF

What’s the deal with it ?

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I hav no clue

HOF tight handles is what triggers those BS park dribble animations in TT. So gold is an upgrade. 2k of course can’t fix the broken mechanic instead of downgrading a badge, haha


But the animations triggers only when you press the left stick right ?

Yeah but card also need HOF tight handles. If you click with a player that has gold it won’t happen :slight_smile:

Lots of people including myself often press it in accidentally and it’s very, very frustrating, haha

Mhm I see…

2K doing 2K as usual :joy:

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Exactly, hahah

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I would like to mention that this set is insane. Nobody gonna talk about it while we’re dealing with spotlights, but Bamba and Nique are instant cops for me if they’re not extremely expensive

Major L

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Bamba straight into the bench 5 slot for me.

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Those park dribbles made me go into settings and unmap the left stick button press.

It boggles the mind why they never made that a menu setting.

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Mo Bamba was my favorite in 2K20. I was one of the few that liked his Token Opal better than Bol Bol’s.

In 2K21 though…

Bol Bol >>>>> Bamba

One thing that especially annoys me about Mo this year is his stupid lock in to Under Armour.

Even this new DM Bamba needs Speed Grinches.


I’m excited for my childhood favorite Dominique though.

Give him Speed Grinches and he basically looks like an Invincible.

And he’ll be BIN. If not today, then definitely Friday.


This Curry should’ve dropped months ago :man_facepalming:

Surprised they didn’t change Bambas jumper but he looks crazy.


Where is @ACMRmuki . First post should have been his.



Should I sell AK? He’s my starting 2 right now and I just bought him Saturday?

If you love his Base 98 then keep him. No one in this drop has the best jumper.

Maybe Friday? But AK47 will be relevant the rest of the year I think.

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I will say AK47 is by far my favorite player. Add speed grinches to him and he is unstoppable. Defense is top notch. He can drive on almost everyone and can always hit a 3 when free. However, that is just my opinion of him. I do use him as my PG with Luka as my SG.