Idols Series III: Invincible Dirk Nowitzki!

Gotta be Dirk, right?


They put a pony emoji so it’s either KP or Dirk

imagine how mad mavs fan would be if kp is given an invincible card over dirk


Wow-This is going to be an expensive set. I hope that KAJ or Yao aren’t locked behind it.

Horse = Dirk

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Yeah, this is disappointing for sure, I’ve worked out the amount of mt I need per card left, was on pace with the first two cards but now this pretty much prices me out of the lock


…probably gonna be Jason Kidd, or Marion, or some shit and be a real let down

What the hell are they going to have as the lock in reward for 3 invincibles and 2 DM? Gotta be Yao right?

well, they quote tweeted their luka tweet, so tbh they could insert the horse to tie the tweet back to luka, but i stand by the statement that 2k does each and everything for a reason.

and imo dirk is the perfect mid week invincible, won’t be incredibly hyped like the yao’s, kareems, brons, etc of the world but will hype up a midweek drop enough to sell packs

this’ll end up being a blessing in disguise man… locks are never worth it… it either won’t be worth the mt or the card will become outdated quickly

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Whose idol is KP? Gtfoh :cold_face:


I agree with this for most of the year.

Last year I locked for Isaac and had a card that not many others had towards the end of the game.

There hasn’t been a lock in for soo long, I have a stack of mt and I want a rarer card with it so at this stage have no problem locking it out.

I idolise KP sauce, does that help?

idk how i feel about it, it all depends on the market i guess
yao better be super rare similar to an invincible kobe level
or he has to be a player which everyone can afford, 1.5M maybe?
locking in is just so not it…
but then its 2k, it definitely helps them sell packs if hes the lock in, and they better announce it soon so all these idols pack will be hyped up

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no shame in that. issac was a demon last year

but in terms of card collecting lock ins typically are rare… so go for it!

in terms of getting a insane card to destroy online for a good price? nah stay away.

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Acceptable :hugs:

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Still waiting on MVP Jokic

Be great if he is an agenda reward, all the other award winners have been rewards so far

I can likely afford it, but I don’t need this version of Kawhi nor do I need Embiid at all.

I will wait a few weeks to see the lock-in card before even considering buying either card.

At this point, I am just waiting on:

Invincible Bird
Invincible KAJ
Invincible Yao
Invincible Hakeem
Invincible Giannis (SF)

And maybe DM Bol Bol for fun.

Other than that, I am losing interest.


It’s one of em, obviously. Goat Yao / Kareem love is well known & Sam is here :cold_face: I hope it is Yao.

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