Idols: Series 2 Set Discussion. Predictions? Are you locking?

I think I might be married to this AD card. Looking at my teams from April last year hes better than any center I had. Hes better than every center people ran in the 250k last year. Hes way better than Opal Drob and PD Bill Russell.

I say that to say hes a damn unicorn for January. I think Im going to use this AD so long that I might as well hold on to all the Idols to see what the lock is. They started off idols with a bang hopefully they keep it up.


Tbh no. That Webber card never shoulda been locked on my part. Good card. And I’ll use it. But only cuz I invested in it. A milli mt would be nice right now lol


Bro I’m still rocking Shaq. Dude is a monster and don’t see myself replacing him anytime soon

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I was against it initially, but I’m with you on AD. He’s great at the 4 & 5. I can’t imagine it getting much better than him at both those spots. So if at least 2 more of the IDOLS guys are this good I’m gonna lock. As long as it’s not some undersized big as the reward.

No, the set might cost a few mil!

Also, I think AD will get less impressive as all the other cards release start to creep up on him. He’s not going to play the same in a month, I don’t think.

I mean… Webber was outclassed in a day, and to be honest thurl Bailey isn’t far off from Webber and is a diamond and 30k, IMO you never lock unless it’s your favorite player, and always lock 2-3 weeks after the set drops just to see what comes out

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I started way too late to have the kind of MT I’d feel comfortable locking into just about any set. For the whales, if this AD is an indication of what’s to come, the future cards from this set and the lock card are probably going to be usable until the end game. If I had millions sitting around, I’d be strongly considering it already

Idols 2 will be hell after seeing this Inferno drop.

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Imo it’s too early and no way I can afford this lol

i still like my shaq but against elite player he somewhat become a liability=( i still keep shaq hoping 2k will give him duo with kobe n bump up his mid range ratings…galaxy opal bill russell with 90 midrange at least can knocked down shots ard ft line…

I am. there is no reason to not keep Davis in your lineup and we should get an 98 as the last card to lock in

Shaq can still be devastating even without a shot. 4-out 1-in freelance parks him at the free throw line and you can abuse people with the drop step or use him as a passing hub as the natural motion of that offense goes on around you. He’s also an elite pick and roll threat. Keep him inside the 3 point line and he’s still an elite big and will be for a long time

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i still cant trigger the ft line dropstep move consistently …the one where u need to rotate right stick while pressing R2 then pull it down for the dunk…i have no problem against most opponent except elite players that defend man to man n keep controlling n moving with their PF or C super fast…i will try 4out 1 freelance n see the position coz whenever i meet such opponent i go to buck freelance n 5 out them as most of the time their offense oso 5 out…and when i kick out to shaq at the corner after they sag him i cant create n score consistently…

Just use insides if you run a lot of PnR , if not will be a huge disadvantage

Webber was outclassed almost immediately. Wilt was outclassed almost immediately. Klay is still weeks away so it’s mostly assumption but look at high end Klay cards from 2k19 and 2k20 and you tell me how he’s gonna be better than what we think T-Mac is gonna be. Compare that to DrJ and JR Smith who took longer to be outdone and came out in Seasons 1 and 2, respectively

The time of insane cards is upon us. Even if they stretch Idols 2 to the end of Season 5, that lock is gonna quickly be topped by some new promo if the last few high end locks are any indication. IMO by the end of Season 4, we will see a card with 25 or more HOF badges out of the box. Six weeks after that when I’m expecting the Idols lock to come? Could be DM season but even if not, that’s gotta be a 35-40 HOF badge card and at that point does it really matter how many HOF badges you’ve got on a guy? They could give the Idols lock 5 more HOF badges than any card in the game but if that difference is 40 vs 35, it really is not significant enough to lock away 1.5-2mil MT when we’ll still be in like March

Wait for Idols 3 to lock and enjoy cards you can sell back for now because the power creep is clearly coming right now, and fast


PD Jristaps tomorrow will give him a run for his money if he has decent speed

3 centers :man_facepalming: . Looking like an early L so far.

At this pace Idols 2 will be done in season 7. Yao doesnt make the team and AD is still elite and starts for me but I cant see him surviving until this lock is done.

The last 2 cards and the lock in have to save this set.


PG Ben Simmons with range will save his set

I’m guessing we get the last two next season. Then we get Idols 3 over the last four seasons

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I mean I did the same thing and I’m looking at like this. We knew if we held on to AD through seasons he would lose value but I don’t regret using him till now. The cost is whatever it is at this point and we just gotta take it on chin that he isn’t worth what we paid for him. But I bought a Yao earlier this week for 109k on a bid. And I’ll wait for KG to go down but I’ll be grabbing him too. I’m still planning to acquire the idols for a lock. At this point I don’t really gain much by selling AD back at this point. So I’m just going to keep holding and see what happens. I still think AD could end up being the rare Idol card and have good value when it’s time to lock

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