Idols prediction

Post your predictions of the idols missing player!

Magic or Bird

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PD PG Ben Simmons.

After last year’s reward opal… larry will always have a special place in my lineup

Pd Bird.

Magic or a real PD LeBron without all those silvers.

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Lol … you think the player will be better then the reward? How does that work with a season long lock in set? This isn’t a promo drop …

Last year: prime series 1: tmac was better than ray allen lol


PD Tmac wasn’t better than Opal Ray Allen?

Theres a case that Opal Big O was better than Opal KG too. So actually… yeah lol it’s not above 2k to do that.

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A Simmons could he a good shout, we are due the non shooting point gaurd Simmons before we get magic then a shooting Simmons then lebron, Giannis etc when the tall pgs dominate

Tmac was better than Ray by a country myle. As far as Oscar and KG goes i think KG was very good and severally underrated last year.

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i’m schleep

If Webber has such a bad defense, i’ll pass. He’s nuts on offense but he will get exposed on D

And I pray, I pray with all my heart that we get a Magic or a Bird

Magic is the only true pack seller left (from unreleased PDs) , if they do someone else it’s hella dumb.

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We could get both as there are also vip sidekick PD coming in :cowboy_hat_face:


I would jizz

PD Muggsy Bogues

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Duo with LJ makes them both 97 opals.


I’m hoping Magic, or even DRob.