Idols DM Westbrook! DM Blake, DM Sampson!

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Clutch. I was thinking maybe playoff games played or something but that makes way more sense

Westbrook? Why?


Well Big O has 181 so this has to be it right ?

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Yeah 100%

Yeah and magic has the number before, It’s russ

Oh yeah. It’s Westbrook for sure.

Too late in the cycle unfortunately.


Let’s see which diamond we will adore this week.


Unless it’s glitched Westbrook with Base 98 I’m not interested.


Oh boy idols Russ… but who’s lock-in? That’s real question

Oscar 181 TDs
Westbrook 176 TDs
Magic 138 TDs

PG overload tomorrow, lol

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I can’t see him being the main card, probably a VIP DM card, like bosh.
I’m expecting more clues in the next hour or two.

why 2k. haliburton will be better, winslow, and heck you can even throw kirk in there

A small point guard can’t be the headliner ever again. Not after you drop Ben Simmons the week before and pg Webber and pg Joakim Noah the week before that



By the way, last time the Opal Webber lock in card was shown In game like 12 hours before packs drop.
I suspect something similar coming soon.

Exactly. People complaining like this card won’t be the dark matter curry of this set.

Russ is my favorite player so I’m hoping I can get him. NMS player tho, broke too. Should be difficult.