IDK what to do with this lineup

So I have about 500k and a couple of ways I can do this

1 - Put Jimmy at the Starting 3 and Zion at the Bench 3 so he wont have to match up with opposing best SF

2 - Put Jimmy at the Bench SF and go Fish for a SF (PG or someone along those lines)

3- Move Larry up to the 3 put Wiseman at starting 4 then put Jimmy at the Bench 3 spot and pick up Embiid for the Center bench spot

Im also open to more ideas tho… guys im just conflicted

3 and put zion as bench 3 instead of jimmy

so like this basically ???



what do you think about Iggy or Melo vs that Zion off the bench ? and I use Zion as my backup’s backup PG ?

Same lineup @Kingcash08 made, but i take Siakam over AK.

zion is better than both imo and hes a good pg and sf