Idk about y’all, but I’m getting all the god squad cheesers tonight

I’m toughing it out, but I’m like 3-7 right now, I can’t put together no type of winning streak

It’s always like that beginning of the month. Wait a few days and go back at it

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Dr. J was worse I don’t think people really care about Jwill.

your LeBron is choking?


Naw he balling, it’s everybody else, I’m about to sell everything and everybody, keep Lebron, grind triple threat and get some better token players, crazy thing is, I’m like 10-1 in triple threat, I guess all the heavy hitters are in unlimited

what does your team look like?

Im 9-0 and will lose the next 2 on purpose. I dont need 11 wins, just 10 for what im after lol

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PD Lebron
Amy butler
Amy battier
Amy pascal
Amy embiid

Diamond joe Harris
Diamond Kawhi
Diamond Reshard Lewis
Diamond towns, purple one

Looks like you balled out on Bron but I don’t blame you on that one. Ideally you want all 5 people on the court to have a 3 ball while at least 2 or 3 have elite post fade animations & ratings to combat cheese and get easy dubs. Don’t really need to rely on a playbook this way either. Size is key too.

Well yea, I rely heavily on coach boost, I don’t see a point to get Diamond pippen, when Shane has damn near perfect defensive stats and cost 9k, same for Bruce bowen, I have him too

Both Shane and Bruce have steal diamond shoes on them so they both have 94 steal

I just gotta figure out if I want to keep Lebron at the 1 and bully ppl or move him to the 4 where his speed will allow him to get blowbys

If you wanna cheese get Hedo. All your starting lineup got slow releases. You might try Roy as well (good size/release).

I’m loving the game right now, 12-0 last night, so I can just sit here and play it for fun and if I get beat I now know I’m getting good tokens and a free pack with players lol


I had hedo day the day he came out, ran the original magic lineup, well close to it, no petrius in the game, but once I saw how ppl were using him, I had to leave him alone, but I just sold everyone on my team that was auctionable, about to rebuild with Lebron at the 3

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Try diamond or if you can aford PD Roy, he tons of fun and amazing card.

I don’t know what happened last night, but for the first time it didn’t feel like I was getting heavily equalized

Sat down and knocked out win after win

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I had Roy, he cool, he does everything right, smooth with every move, just don’t like his player model

I’m not looking to go 12-0, none of the POTM cards are worth it imo, I just gotta figure out the right pieces around Bron to take full advantage of him, im thinking about getting diamond dame, he has Hof catch and shoot

Havlicek has 3pt plays and nice Hof badges, I run him at the 2