Ideal players for 3-2 and 2-3 zone defense?

Could someone describe to me the ideal players for each position in 3-2 and 2-3 zone defense and why? Thanks in advanced.

Personally when i run 2 3 i watch the corners. I toggle my sf and pf to guard the corners. Making sure they dont get an open guy. One of your fuys will need to guard two dudes in one corner. Id say you need a pf with good help defense and an sf also. But honestly zone is more about knowing how to run it than having the right players

Im not too familar with 3 2. Honestly pretty new at running zone d. I can only get 2 3 enough that i can kinda run it with decent confidence ill get a stop. I find running 2 3 zone is the best way to stop people who just 5 out.

Hey man what do you do when at the top of the key the pg and sg always runs and guards the same person instead of playing their zone. It’s frustrating asf to play zone nothing works for me so I just stick to man to man smh

I’d love to switch it up here and there

I honestly don’t usually control my sg or pg when i 2 3 zone. Ill admit sometimes the opposing player gets baskets but it really helps to mitigate 5 out because it puts people in the paint. If i control the pg or sg then the pg or sf start gravitating to the paint leaving their assignments. Im not crazy at zone but i do get stops with it. Just dont run zone the whole time. And try to set it back to man to man when they run up the floor. Switch to zone after they cross the timeline. U let a lot of fast breaks in 2 3 zone

Would u like to test it against a pd magic sometime later ? Id like to see the outcome if u are avaliable.

I use it for 5 outers cuz they expect a wide open floor but 2 3 negates that. If you run pd magic and utilize him well and use pnr. I WOULDNT use 2 3 zone

I was not challanging btw don’t get me wrong. I remember a game some opponent did a perfect 2-3 zone to me and i was 5 outing tbh, couldnt do shit :joy:

Yah if u try to 5 out 2 3 its pretty tough. Pointless tbh. U cant drive and kick cuz the paint is clogged. Well u can if players dont know how to 2 3 zone. Players are wide open if they on ball the pg lol. Are you on xbox ??


Dang bro. Sorry !!! Im an xbox guy lol. Man that pd magic must be crazy. How many assists u average per game with him ?? Man id love to use that card. Hed be a beast running plays with. Surround him with some shooters. Bbq chicken

Pretty much like that. Tmac, KD, Bird, Kobe and PG13 lol.

He was assisting 10.1 per game but it’s 6.5 now since i’m trying a different playbook each game. Running him for 10mins, the other 10 is 97 Westbrook, he is also 4.5. Naturally averaging 8-10 is easy with him. My top assisting numbers are 28 in an offline game and 16 in supermax.

Usually try to keep him 10pts+ and 10assists+ and the funny part is he is rebounding 2 per game on his own :rofl: I extend pressure and offball smtms and weirdly he goes back under the rim.

and then there is this eq issue once in a while, pd magic passes like Hassan Whiteside. Saw some of these ones in game :smiley: Makes me crazy when it happens.