I would like to welcome a North Carolina legend onto my team

What? You were expecting someone else?


On my grind to him rn

Was expecting thompson

Nice pick up man what the squad look like?

Good luck man, he’s well worth it

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Starters: Grant Hill, Bird, Worthy, Giannis, Wilt

Bench: Magic, Durant, Kirilenko, Porzingis, Oden


The grind for tokens In unlimited burns me out though

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Also, what shoe for him!? White Kobes to get sharp takeover and raise open 3 to 98? Or orange CP3s to raise contested 3, SWB and lateral quickness?

I’ve been grinding offline lately. It’s boring but a lot more efficient

Came to make a Marvin Williams joke. Stayed to say I expected Vince

How many tokens can you get in an hour of offline tt

I think I can grind for one GO but thats it, after I get A.I. Im not going through that again for the rest of em

I heard it’s 18 an hour, so clearing 3 boards. But I bet you have to execute well to win that fast.

With the steal glitch and Scottie Pippen or 98 Grant Hill. I can clear about 24- 30 tokens every hour offline.

There’s a glitch against Ai where you just press the charge button before you reach in for the steal and it’s close to automatic with PIppen and Hill. You’ll finish each game in 2 to 3 minutes.

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I finish each 6 token board in about 25-30 minutes. Did a total of 250-300 tokens to finish up Worthy, the rest came from locking 16 Throwback sets, locker codes and MTU

He’s better than Jordan congrats brother

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I need about 90 tokens to petit is this the wave

Thanks bro🤘🏼

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I definitely think Pettit is the best of the rest outside of Wilt and Worthy. HOF Limitless and DRD with base 11 sounds OP as hell