I won the game with a Shaq corner three


What color is he?

Blue, can’t you see the jersey?



Very low :skull:

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Thinks he’s black :man_shrugging:t2:

Gold CS and C&S are always musts for any Shaq with 26+ open 3.

He has consistently hit corner threes for me the past 3 2K’s.

I also lost a game just like this @Fra44 last year — I was livid, but realized these games suck.


I would have broken my joystick if I was my opponent tbh… I didn’t deserve to win this at all. But I’ll take it :joy:

The game I lost, at least we were both tied. It’s not like I had this feeling of a “surefire” win since I wasn’t up, and the worst I felt that could happen is we’d be going into OT.

Your opponent probably though he had already won lol.

Lol crazy the dude must of raged

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I made a 3 with him in the corner a couple of days ago too and it felt pretty good, made me think about changing the badges up :joy: someone put shooting badges and report back

The funnest fact is that is caused by a glitch from 2K. I called a TO and put in all my best shooters. In fact, you don’t see Magic, but Baron Davis. You don’t see Draymond but Porzingis. And you shouldn’t see Shaq, but Hakeem!! I passed the ball and only when I was shooting I realized “OH MAN, IT’S SHAQ!” ridiculous :joy:

I badged him out before even using him.

Gold Corner Specialist and Catch & Shoot are musts.

Shaq has a top 5 release in the game online.

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He does have a decent release online, the free throw is nice too… How many threes do you think you’ve made with him this year?

I’ve used Shaq base on my myplayers before. Shit is cash. Used it on a pure sharp lol

I’m shooting 44% from deep with him, and average 0.8 3PM out of 1.8 3PA per game.

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Tweet this to Shaq himself.


I can go 5+ / 10 in Freestyle easily. He’s cash.

Edit: only went 4-10 as I finished typing that.

@DaNali Thanks for the info :+1:
Will look into the badges on mine, pop a couple a game and see how it goes haha

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He’s got some range irl Lol