I won an Xbox One X from one of the Doritos 2K Codes

A couple weeks back I entered one of those codes from the 2K Doritos promotion and I got lucky. I won an Xbox One X and a copy of NBA 2k19. I just received it in the mail. Shoutout and many thank yous to Pepsi, Microsoft and 2K for the awesome prize!


Congrats dude!! Do you have a 4K TV to take advantage of the graphics on the X?!?

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No I don’t unfortunately, but maybe with black friday and the holidays coming up I can look into it. Is there a noticeabable graphical difference with games?

Thats dope! Congrats!

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Yes there is

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I hear that there is, but you will see graphical improvement even with your current TV

From what I’ve heard the graphics in games with huge environments are much better, not sure how big of a difference it will be in 2K

You should put it in the Ah for 100k bin

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How many did you enter?

“Only a few bags”


I dont want to get banned lol

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2k runs a little faster in framerate; it feels nice. Other games like red dead 2 absolutely get a 4k hdr set from one of the trusted brands on black Friday.

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