I wish this was a 2k19 and Madden 19 hub

Obviously that won’t happen. But it’s been a lot of fun playing 2k18 this season, especially once 2kgamer was created. I probably won’t be playing much 2k18 until the new game comes out but if any of you are going to be playing madden 19 in the meantime. hmu. hope you all get the end game cards you want! see you all in sept.

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I havent played Madden since Eddie George was on the cover in 2002 I think. I thought about giving it a shot…do they have a “fantasy” type mode? Is it as fun & frustrating as 2k?


Madden 18 was my first stab at the series and it’s fantasy type mode/my team is amazing. it’s far better than 2k in terms of updating new cars, consistent promos (earn better rewards) and more progressive upgrading modes. I’d highly recommend. I just bought madden 19 and i’m waiting for it to download haha.


Agreed. Especially if u like solo challenges for coins n rewards, MUT is the game for u. I tried it out this year for only a couple of months and it was fun. Even stopped playing 2k for a couple months. :thinking: of grabbing it today.

Hey, well let me know if you end up picking it up. The game just finished downloading for me this morning. The game looks great already. This year I’m going to go full “no money spent” and see what kind of team I can build.

Just be careful, its 2 sides of the same coin

as a person who moved from MUT to 2k because I was burned out on MUts pull rates its crazy

i felt 2ks currency had more value, the domination was great as a 1 time

but everyone should try it for themselvs

oh for sure. My goal this year is to go no money spent on 2k and madden ultimate team. With the occasional pack only during promos.

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