I wish there was a site that could do something like this

these are the real stats with EVO, shoe and coach. I am sure its a lot of work or something.


good idea
and shouldnt be toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo complicated to implement something like this

maybe for 2k21, but we still dont know if 2k21 will be same like 2k20


would love if they took some ideas off futbin


Maybe include the takeover too if possible

id like for 2k to first do what madden does with muthead and let us see suction prices off line

Yeah we’re planning to add shoes. For coaches a bit complicated, because there are system proficiencies for every player, calculated in game based on stats or something else and I don’t know with which formula

I know most of the players now have all 99 proficiencies, but still :grinning:


Calculating takeover change would be nice.

I vaguely remember in one of the earlier my teams auction prices being available on one of the sites.

2klabs… for 2k19, as far as i remember

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you could just assume every player has 99 proficiency and put a disclaimer up stating that assumption.

I think it might have actually been 2khead.com that had player prices.

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