I wish media left Beal alone for a minute

Like wow, dude has to answer these annoying questions 10 times a day, it’s very disrespectful to his team and him as a person, dude is still young and they made the playoffs, can they just layoff off him for a second or what.

All this martyr stuff is so cliche.

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Just looks like Beal is gonna be the next Lillard. Phenomenal scorer/player who is too loyal to make a move for a better squad. Definitely feel for the dude.

Well Beal is younger than Dame so who knows, he still has years to play at high level and maybe his team gets better.

I deffo DO NOT feel for the dude, he gets paid well, his team actually made the playoffs, why is this cliche martyr song for him going on out there?

And why the hell every single super star has to do those teams ups, you can build your legacy without rings and even joining other stars and forcing your way out multiple times does NOT guarantee a championship : see PG

So in that case I would rather have a Dame’s carrier than PGs, but that’s just me.

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as much as i’d love to see beal succeed, i have so much respect for how loyal he’s been. if i were in a position like he, i’d be gone by now

I’d be a millionaire if I was in his situation.

Seriously. Elgin Baylor, Malone and Stockton, Barkley, Steve Nash, Ewing and Deke. Reggie Miller. Iverson. T-Mac and Vince.

It’s such a long list of the most illustrious of company.

It’s crazy to insinuate that a player’s career is only made worthwhile or notable if they win a championship. As if it’s an exercise in futility if one does not get a ring.