I wish i recorded this ish

Running uncontested missed layup by Giannis
Mullin splashin 100% smoothered on me
Giannis gets an illegal screen

EQ for life.


Just push through. Equalizer is a mentality. You can win it don’t get flustered.

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i know. Its just so stupid.

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If you aren’t running Gerald Wallace and Lance you will get blown out in TTO.

New one is random travellig violations on inbounds passes? Broken as hell.

It’s extra sweaty out there and the EQ is at an all-time high. All these Opals and 98 PDs…

Nothing ever changes.

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I already had that… KD missed an open lay-up for no reason
The worst thing is that there’s nothing to do to counter it

In the end had a 3 to go in and bonce the F out. Luckily i won by 11, but gosh some game are just too much.

You can tell by the complete lack of activity in the 12-0 classifieds that either everyone who plays these 12-0s is booked up sweating it out, and the others who just match up are out in full force as well. Likely one of the highest activity days in MTU all year long.

Anyone out there who want to team up to knock these 12-0s out lmk, as 2 Xboxes just not enough right now lol.

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