I will say it, I am sorry

I’m sorry, I’ve gone a little far.

Things aren’t easy in my personal life atm and I have just been letting it out on you guys because I was just feeling heated up inside.

It was a dumb move to play the innoncent game and just pull the crap of you guys.
Some will always hate me for that, I don’t blame you.

I’ll just mute myself for a few days until I hopefully feel better and more peaceful

God bless y’all



Sorry to hear how rough it’s been. Idk what you did, but no one is perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you haven’t been suspended then it couldn’t have been that bad. The mods here are pretty direct and quick to find resolution on issues. Best of luck.


Bro thank you for admitting this so now we know you aren’t just a craphead, got some life stuff goin on. I hope you can solve whatever problem you have, and once you are feelings peaceful you can make a return

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It takes strength to be this honest. Respect bro, I hope everything will get better for you!

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Those church threads seem to be working :cold_face: