I watched the Pivot Pod cast and Isiah Thomas was the guest

So Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Smith were interviewing Isiah and the subject came up about “The Last Dance” and his beef with Jordan.

Isiah said that when Jordan first came to Chicago, he got in touch with Jordan and told him that his family would be there for him for support etc if he wanted to do that.

So Isiah said early on he would call and talk to Jordan on the phone etc and at some point Jordan’s brother started coming to Chicago to hang out and Isiah’s sister became friends with Jordan’s brother and they would hang out and she would show him the town etc,

Then Isiah dropped the bombshell in that he said his nephew lived with Michael Jordan because Isiah’s nephew was a big fan of the Bulls and Jordan.

Lastly he said he thought the documentary was done in poor taste in that they showed Bulls players namely Scottie Pippen being disrespectful to then Bulls GM the late Jerry Krause and he said throughout the doc Jordan was being an ahole to everybody yet Jordan called Isiah an ahole and I went back and looked at it and Isiah was dead on.

Jordan was and still is an ahole and he made that doc all about him.

Never believe what’s coming out of Isiah Thomas mouth , James Dolan is still searching …

Isiah gets a bad rap because the Pistons crashed the Lakers, Celtics and sometimes Philly party when they dominated the East back then and the NBA got tired of people fouling Jordan hard and since the Bad Boys focused on Jordan and made him the target because they knew if Jordan broke down, the Bulls done for.

But I found it odd that Isiah’s nephew lived Jordan yet Jordan clams he hates Isiah and Isiah’s Pistons beat the Celts Lakers and Bulls

Nope Isiah Thomas has a bad rep cause he is a bad man that’s all , despite beeing a great bball player … everything bad from the bad boys was credited to Laimbeer , Salley , Rodman , Mahorn… etc but everything bad came from Thomas sick brain , he is the first badboy !!

I disagree with you and the only people who have thrown Isiah under the bus were Pippen and Jordan and in recent months Pippen was throwing Jordan under the bus after “The Last Dance” aired.

Now having said that, pound for pound Isiah was the 2nd best PG in that era only to Magic and he earned a spot on that Dream Team but politics and David Stern kept him off of it but at that time Isiah was an 11 time NBA All Star and he had went to 3 NBA Finals and won two titles so based on merit he deserved to be there.

John Stockton as good as he was, was not in Isiah’s league in that Isiah could and did take over games on both ends of the court and he had as much if not more heart than most players and he was only 5’10"/5’11" and Isiah could ball with the best of them and more than hold his own.

He could score 10, 15, 20pts in a roll and nobody could stop him.

Isiah and the Pistons got a bad reputation for walking off the court when the Bulls beat them but Boston did the same thing when the Pistons beat them and McHale was the only Celtics player who shook hands with the Pistons and that was because he had known Isiah since high school but somehow Larry Bird never gets called out for walking off the court but Isiah does.

The Pistons walked off because Jordan had called them thugs and undeserving champions and they had to get past Boston with Bird, McHale, Parish and DJ and Chicago with Pippen and Jordan and then they beat LA with Magic, Kareem, Michael Cooper, James Worthy and Byron Scott and no one in that era can claim that except Isiah the Pistons because they beat Boston, LA and Chicago.