I was wrong

I previously said that PD Gary Payton was overrated, he had great stats but his contest shot tendencies was at a 15, so I was under the impression that he wouldn’t contest shots, I was wrong, I just sniped him, just played one game and put him on Dr. J due to height matchups and he completely shut him down, held him to 4-12, got 3 steals and I physically watched him contest every shot as I offballed with ray allen(trying to see if their duo worked) it was a masterpiece defensively, I had no idea, I was wrong, I’m sorry 2kgamer community if any of you listened to me and didn’t get him

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I always play him and switch him to covering the 2 if they play a big 1, he’s my bench PG so often faces less cheese but locks up and finishes a lot of contested inside stuff.

Did the duo work or is it just like the rest?

Honestly I couldn’t tell, I don’t think it did personally

Payton runs my bench and everything goes thorough him easily puts up 10-15 ppg in the 2nd quarter

I just sold mine for 275k contract and pink adidas. Has happy about the price. Tough to let go but magic and lebron have the 1 locked down

Yea man I love his defense, but I got kawhi and it’s like damn, I’m thinking about Payton, kawhi, lebron

I love Payton every year and this years pd is the best and most juiced we have ever seen in myteam. Always glad to see him get appreciation.

I hear you dude. I loved payton. I just had a feelin it would be a good time to sell.

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But then again, having 3 defenders with Hof defensive stopper and 2 with hof dimer it’s like damn, how can you pass that up

I run him and Pippen of the bench to force turnovers starting the fastbreak game for Giannis, Klay and Shaq to finish.
I love that he is underrated and not many people run him.