I was wrong about the Thunder

I was wrong about the Thunder

OK I gotta admit I was thinking OKC was gonna be bad af. Now they’ve beaten my Mavs. Fuck you very much btw. And they aren’t 5-20 like I was expecting. I was laughing about (who was the die hard thunder fan with the Adam’s profile Pic?) talking about them like a +500 team.
So yeah seems like you are not a retard after all.
CP3 is on the same hate level as Hitler is for me but that mofo is hitting clutch shots like its nothing… Please just die, kidding… Maybe not… God damn I hate that chubby fuck.

Cp3 probably enjoys having young kids that listen to him




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He has a THICC bottom half of his body,

I loved watching him run the court when he was a rocket

There is some truth to this. Probably likes having a team he can kinda run and control per say. Not in a bad way. Been helping Shai a lot

Not as thicc as Kyle tho:p

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The Thiccness is off the charts for Kyle

The fucc. That Madden type homo shit

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Cp3 will probably be an amazing college coach one day

Nikola Jokic has entered the chat

Yeah he on a Kardashian level

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Homo Madden

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I love my thunder, real ones knew OKC was gonna be a .500 team, but no one expected this… not only that, but Shai has the keys now, CP3 conserves his energy for the 4th, Schroeder is beast, Adams has a bigger role now and is having a good year, Noel the best back up Center, Gallo been somewhat healthy, Rooks like bazely and Hort are good, Nader is finally producing, T Ferg started off bad, now is okay

We had the toughest start of the schedule of the league, we finally got over it, now we balling, we’ve had like 6 games Lost decided by 5 or fewer points, not wining a ring now but I love this team, it’s a different type of team than what normal OKC fans are used to, we basically the new clippers

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Lemme sprinkle some of the Madden in here

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If he wants to coach he probably be good at it. Those elite pgs got a lot to offer. I always thought cp3 and Harden was a shitty mix.

The Redux

Whatever that is

@smithboys1 pretty sure it was you talking about the Thunder being well pretty much what they are now. Thought you where tripping but oh well…

Dudes said I was capping but I stay like @Joel :no_entry_sign::billed_cap:


James needs 4 Shane battiers

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