I was permanently banned for Auction House Sniping

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TL;DR: Perma banned for auction house sniping. Support chat provides no specific reason nor proof.

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Was it sniping big, something like AI’s or for small stuff ?

2k banning players for buying cheap cards? How low is that. We need to stop supporting this trash company

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This seems illegal. How do you ban someone without telling them what they did? 2K is reaching new lows.


You’re on PC as it seems. Which “trainer” you were using ? :slight_smile:

Do you ever use a 3rd party software to get batches of cards ? Auto-bidding scripts etc. (Noone actually would say yes to this question :sleeping:)
So i’m very skeptical, especially in Pc.


2k can do what they want if they feel something was against their tos which is bs but its true this happens every year but it seems to happen to the ppl with minor offense. If this is the case why dont youtubers get banned when they do it and broadcast it? its because they have money and a following. This is why i am unsure if i want to go for a qualifier spot because ive had my fair share of snipes and if i made it and got disqualified for it id be extra hurt.

If this is true 2k should be sued


Carlos Stories?

idk i was saying there is already a topic on this

Again, if its on PC they prolly used hacks and now playing victim card.

k my bad

all good brother lol

Read above bruh, like ive said, victim card.

Yo op be honest don’t be playing the victim card if you been hacking pc bruh. Got me in here defending yo ass and you may be in the wrong :expressionless:

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Ask him to show conversations of that chat, than we talk :slight_smile:

or just give me your username i can ask em personally.

this all we got


Can’t see imgur images :hatched_chick:

My point is, if it was you or someone i know from this forum, my support chat screen would be open now.

It’s just some random guy who registered to this forum 2h ago, most likely just for this.
I definitely don’t care about what Youtubers do, they have their own cuts in everything and not reliable on financial things.