I was fully reimbursed for the PD Lebron Locker code

I was super polite and telling them how I’ve been playing 2k since 2k11. Then told them I don’t expect to receive the Lebron back but was wondering if I could receive the diamond contract and shoes I put on him. Went out to dinner, came back and saw I had 2 new packs. A diamond shoe( ended up being the white PG’s ) and a contract. Lowkey I think 2k handled this well, especially with the 2 amazing codes today.


Congrats Bro!
@JohnnyHimrod Got Blake :innocent:

Yea it was weird, I didnt even bother to open a ticket since I didnt add anything to Lebron

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OMG I’m hoping to get blake Hahaha I ddnt add anything to Lebron too maybe it was just a random give away.

Live support came through! Instead of re enabling the board, he just gifted me the PD of my choice. Very helpful people

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They are usually bastards. Must be in over their heads at this point.

I did test him though… when asked who would I like to choose from the board I wrote “Either Michael Jordan, Giannis or Stephen Curry. I can’t quite remember who was on there or not” sure enough he reassured me Stephen Curry and Jordan were not on the board. He passed the test! unfortunately

How do you get ahold of live support?

Log into your 2K account and hit submit request, choose NBA2K19 then in the bottom right corner a red and white chat prompt should pop up. Click that and have your ticket number ready if you’ve submitted one and you’ll be in the chat room ready to go! https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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Glad to see so many of you getting reimbursed. 2k usually don’t get things right but they did a good job here…


Where do we need to log in at? I already submitted a ticket but l don’t see the prompt you’re talking about

Click submit a request > NBA2K19 > bottom right hand corner the chat window prompt should appear for you

I’m not sure why but I don’t have that prompt when I open a new ticket. Are you on mobile?

There is no chat prompt.

I wonder how many people are going to lie and end up banned lol.

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@CharlesTheGreat @busta28po

  1. Starting screen, no chat support here

  2. All i’ve done here is click the drop down bar and selected NBA2K19 and waited for a few seconds. See in the bottom right corner the red circle has appeared? click that and away you go!

does it work on mobile?

yeah doesn’t show up at all and on mobile the page won’t load

Sorry guys I haven’t tried it through mobile

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Should I make a follow up ticket? Since 2k didn’t give me the shoe i put on the lebron and instead one of lesser value?