I was 11-0 and then

This game is so trash man!! I was 11-0, my team was playing so good!! Then in the last game I faced a very average team (no Amys) and the freak show began!! No open threes, missed free throws, his PG getting rebounds over my PD Kareem, diamond MJ missing open dunks etc…

So I realized that 2K was doing everything so I couldn’t get Larry Johnson! I am so frustrated guys. I could see how the game reacts against you! So damn pissed!!

I know some of you will say “shut up and take the L” bla bla bla, but damn it!! Fuck this game man

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I think this is what they call “Equalizer”. Fuck 2k


Exactly man!! Since the first minute I already felt it!!

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2K is fucking cheating bro.

I played four games today and EVERY SINGLE GAME ingot full court pressed and off balled, with a pick and roll four out one in every single possession. Managed to win them all but at the cost of my nerves lol. I fucking hate some of the little pussy pricks that play this shit.

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