I’ve learned how fun it is

To run real PG’s.

Started using Jason Williams and when I actually match up with someone using a real PG (not Magic) man it feels like real hoops. I’m not in favor of the position lock but sometimes I wish there was something that encouraged more of this kind of play


Do the sapphire challenge. That’s even more fun! Actually they should make these permanent.


If u sandbag a bit u can run a pretty good squad while avoiding a lot of sfs at 1. Its nice to be able to run paul and lowry :slight_smile: ran steve francis yao.duo. steve nasty

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Win or lose I’m stubborn and always run standard point guards lol

Yeah I still get frustrated at times, but hey it’s just a game try to have fun


Running a lineup like you suggested and I’m not matching up with all bronze bench people anymore. I still get favorable matchups, but at least I get to use my IT and play somewhat sim ball.

I honestly have the most fun w the smaller guys (stevie franchise cp3 dwade jwill spida mitchell) so it is nice when u can match up w regular lineups. I never can tho :joy::joy:

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Same. But mostly I just switch defensive assignments and guard their 2 with my Pg. Still fun

Kyrie is one of my favorites every year I love his dribbles and his shot I used him up until around January

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Ahh yes how could i forget kyrie? Hes one of my favorites too

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I run with Gary Payton. One of my favorite cards since he’s a true PG and his defense is insane. Strength of 85 with Pop catches a lot of guys off guard.

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