I’ve found a badge version of Veronica

I’ve found a badge version of Veronica


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We’re all ears :ear::ear:

Play a drill disconnect, play it again you’ll get the bonus from the initial and the next @teqson I haven’t tested how far it goes

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Ooh I read about this.

Are you closing app after every drill?

Ye I got my first shooting badge this way, lagged out and still had the bonus from the drill but they restarted

Nah I’ve been getting error codes after each drill but I’m still getting the badge points I need to test if turning off your internet works or closing app, kinda assuming it does

That would be the sweetest lick.

https://youtu.be/Q5UWuWJpI5Y @MandolineOXO

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I believe this one is wayyyy better

Gotta watch this video when I’m on break lol.

How do you ask out with VC? I know it was up 11 but that doesn’t work.

Has to 4th quarter I believe

here we go again. im ordering the game as soon as the first vc glitch is out.