I used to not believe in Equalizer

until I threw on my first GO (IT) into my team…

Lemme tell you, ive never had dudes splash on me so hard in my life.

Ive also never had so many SMOTHERED contests with dudes barely defending me, while Im locking a dude down and get at BEST yellow bars in defense.

Just missed shots and rebounds, Jokic and Gasol acting like prime Wilt snagging offensive rebounds, and I had a game where I started off throwing 5 inbound steals to guys who moved into the defender on the catch.

I am so sorry for doubting its existence.


The past two days I’ve been getting destroyed on the boards, add the fact that I have Hakeem at the 4 and Shaq at the 5, it’s been a rough weekend for me

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Thank you it is very real. So real that I took Opal Worthy And CP3 out of my lineup when I unlocked Dr J. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but when it does trust me it’s not pretty. I had a guy drop 40 on me with Kyle Kuzma and his Hedo Turkoglu prevented my Chris Webber and my Worthy from post spinning and drop stepping everytime.


Amy Players becomes Galaxy Opal in Equalizer.
Players playing out of their minds it’s unbelievable.

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Worthy either drops 30+ a game for me, or he conjures a magical force to enable every one of my opponent’s cards to drop 20 points a piece on me while my players ignore defensive settings and miss uncontested dunks. There’s no middle ground.


Rebounding equalizer is really frusrating. You box out everyone and the ball will still find ways to go to that one guy. They try to find new ways to hide that they are equalizing you, but its clear the player engagement algorithms are in full force.


Equalizer is real but good players should still win regardless. Just take smart shots and slow down the pace of the game. You’ll catch a fade here and there but overall you should still win majority


i dont know if you guys follow any of the #simnation guys but Books in the @mebro pod said something that struck me… “The stronger your deck is, the weaker your deck becomes.” in terms cards being rated too high. We’ve been having these type of discussions about myteam for so long that i think eq is definitely real. eq= feeling like your team or skills are inadequate. Then you either buy packs or buy new cards in the ah. i def think eq is real now. also my bigs are playing sooo badly since the new patch. i cant create dribble space any more at all as most moves outside of the behind the back dribble seem slowed down(i dont like using spam moves so i dont do the behind the back unless i need to). seems like its easier to trigger blow by animations now. ive been more frustrated with 2k19 now than any other point this year. i think eq is apart of that. weirdly though i think now the most consistent experience is tto again. less variables when each player is using 3 cards. so thats fun but i wanted to see if i could finally go 12-0. im going back to never ever ever playing MTU.

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On top of the equalizer, they definitely messed up the AI and how it reacts to your defensive settings. Other people on here have posted examples, but the AI now fully ignores your defensive settings. It helps and switches even if you set it not too. On offense the AI just moves really erratically, in ways that make no sense and fucks your spacing. It’s awful right now.


I just wanna figure out a way to play a fair game… that is all, I’ll pray to the 2k gods

There has to be some sort of “equalizer” that exists…
Cards performing above or below their tiers.

Happens in FIFA Ultimate Team as well.

Well the other team needs to have a chance to make it competitive

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I’ve grown to hate James Worthy over the last week. Equalizer has been destroying me. I get it twice as bad with Cp3 and Worthy in the lineup. Everybody is dropping 40 on me. I took both out of my lineup and got Dr J. With them in my lineup I loss by 30 points to a team with Kyle Kuzma as the best player. My players have just been darting into the paint on defense. And everyone of my opponents players shoots like Klay and Granger

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You guys are making me scared to go for worthy @kinsman

Don’t. Until more Galaxy opals come out. I might even suggest Wilt over Worthy at this point because at least you can try to defend the equalizer cheese that will be dropped on you with Wilt.


Thanks man. I will wait for the 3rd Go Reward. I have a strong feeling about GO PORZINGOD

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Trust me I know. GO Worthy is either the great card ever or soo bad I have to bench him. On this run I beat some crazy teams even coming back from 20 down in the 3rd in one game. But I lose to a Ruby/Amy team in my 12th game even being up 12 in the 3rd.


I appreciate that you guys over here believe. I’ve been trying to convince Reddit since 2k17.


This is Heart Breaking . If it makes you feel any better DR J isn’t all that great or either I’m just being equalized like crazy I really don’t know now.

Why is this still a believe or not thing? It’s openly written about and discussed by the video game companies.