I tried yesterday "play now online" mode and i quit from MyTEAM

because if i want to play NBA JAM i already have a Sega Megadrive-Genesis with the ORIGINAL game.

i never played before “play now online” but its much more as a simulation basket game.

i miss to make my own team with my favorite players , but is a small problem against the most fun that gives me.


You’re right, it’s like an entirely different game. If only people didn’t cheese…

It’s pretty weird moving like a player with no legs in pno but it’s very different from myteam

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PNO is great you face cheese, but it’s mostly deep hash rim running. Even with that cheese it isn’t on purpose, because a lot of those first games you play are against people who barely know how to play 2k.

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When my regular guys who don’t play myteam or park come over to play 2k on play now quick play
Me: I need a guy with clamps
Them: what are clamps???

You can also actually use your star player, and have them play like irl

i think it seems to be slower because i’m from Myteam “too fast”

yesterday i played my last MyTeam match agains a guy that played isolation for Bam Adebayo every single play…

You don’t have to worry about all 5 guys being able to do it. And Giannis can barely shoot :sweat_smile:

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Go back and forth, when new cards come out my team brings me back. Pno your way more likely to have an even match up online game

It’s fun until you run into a bucks team that knows all of the players on the team can shoot and giannis plays like giannis. None of your players have clamps. Or QD

A fair match

What team you using? If all else fails you could put a center on him and play gap coverage. Just gotta watch the easy transition buckets but half court wise you should be good

I haven’t played PNO in a minute but I’d run with the bucks or Broys Portland. Broy can drop 30-40 easy in PNO

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That Portland squad is nice. Luckily most guys don’t know how to use the bigs properly. B Roy is already a headache in his own right.

I ran into a giannis spammer when I was using hakeems Rockets. I couldn’t get anyone’s shot down so I just post hooked 50 on him.

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Gotta fight cheese with cheese. I wish the classic teams had full rosters. Only a couple do. You’re forced to run a 5 man and not all guys have the necessary attributes and badging.

I noticed that. You really have to look through all the rosters to find out who has enough badging to be useful.

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I remember playing PNO for the first time after winning the 12-0 record last month.

I was down 15-2 first quarter

I came back and won though lol. It was definitely not easy

This year PNO isn’t like that because the need same badges to even make sense
And they forget to apply them there lol

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No QuickDraw is unacceptable - I can live without a higher level of clamps but MyTeam spoils me