I told yall to tell Magic come holla at me

Match up the heights and you will see who was guarding Magic all game

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Hey, sorry to say but this doesn’t prove anything.

Because this guy clearly doesn’t know how to play Magic

Taking 4 shots, 3 threes with Magic? So if you guard him it means he has to take them after a dribble or in Iso

He doesn’t know how to play with him

I faced off Kirilenko’s, Iggy’s, Bron’s and such. A’d he ate them up. Cause I know how to use him

If you use it the same way you use Curry, he will be trash for sure.

If you use Magic like Magic would play, boy good luck


Most people don’t know how to use him. Going to wait until people start rage selling him :slight_smile:


Because casuals are stupid. They think a PG has to know how to shoot 3’s after a screen or after a dribble. Good thing, I will face off less Magic and more Curry/Kemba/Harden and eat them

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Damn, just kill my thunder

But naw, he wasnt too skiledl, he had the obvious mismatch with lebron and KAJ but once i blocked him twice, he never went back to it

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If someone comes at you with a Shaq saying he is trash and you see he shot mids and threes, how would you react?

It’s stupid right? It wouldn’t prove shit but that the other player is stupid

Well using Magic like a Curry is as stupid, it doesn’t proves what he can really do

Of course you won’t score 40pts per game with him if he is well defended, but he will give 8-10 dimes, grab 6 boards, defend any guards-forwards

Well hold up, i never said magic was trash, i just pointed out that MY draymond shutdown HIS Magic

Well the owner of THIS Magic had the brain of a squirrel and the same basketball acknowledge of my grandma

Lol talk about kicking a man while he down, i hope he not on this forum

If he is I’m sorry to say but man, you play trash with that card. Change it for a Curry so you can zigzag and shoot 3’s all the way you want

Hopefully after that game he will sell magic

It’s better for him. If you don’t know how to use him, sell and get someone else that fits your game

Lol you sounded so butthurt this entire thread lmfao , that boys magic got shut down period . Numbers don’t lie save the exscuses


Well, the guy had Kareem against LBJ and barely took advantage/failed to take advantage. Probably a bad palyer.


Apparently you didn’t read, so go back to reading my posts

And I don’t care about this magic being shut down. Cause mine works per-fect-ly

So perfect that it will be enough to shut anyone’s player down and make him beg to stop on offense

But then again, if he can’t shoot 3’s after a dribble he is bad right? Yeaaa right

Thank you

I can’t wait to see people complaining about Shaq not being able to speed boost or shoot 3’s and Curry not being able to post fade or posterize anybody

You can say that THIS player with THIS MAGIC was shut down. Don’t say that Magic in general is no good, that’s all I wanted to fix


Magic is so trash he can’t even hit pull up 3s. Everyone should sell Magic now…


yeeh magic is really ass