I think this was a setup (PD Lebron)

Someone posted this in the forum

Now if either the next two anniversary cover players to come out are the Miami Lebron, then this was a setup, a teaser, I wouldn’t put this pass 2k

doesnt even matter people are crying for a card they WERENT supposed to have in the first place. only people that truly got fucked over were the ones who put shit on the lebron.


Internet hero much?

just saying the truth im sure other people have said it before

How were ppl supposed to know they weren’t supposed to have it? Shit happened last year with diamond Shaq and ppl kept him why 2k going so hard over a mistake they made again


2k didnt tweet it

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We’ve found the 2k White Knight


bro again its not the card itself lmao. its the 10s of thousands of mt people lost in badges, contracts and shoes


How do you know which ones that are “crying” lost on putting extras on PD Lebron and which ones havent, point blank, TONS of people lost out shit man, so no need to be all smart ass.


Doesn’t matter 2k gave the code to someone who was careless with it why give it out to anyone besides the person that runs the my team account? Makes no sense.

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im not being a smartass, im saying that there has to be people here complaining about a lebron being taken away that was free and leaked. I literally said that the ones who should complain are the ones who badged him


i agree its stupid and 2ks fault,

I think the real reason they took it away is because they have an agreement with Mcfarlene so if everyone got it free 90% wouldn’t spend money on the mcfarlene figures

Than again maybe they gave it to everyone so everyone could get a feel of it and potentially like it and now you’d go spend your Christmas money on the figures just to get him back. Wouldn’t put it pass 2k grimey asses


Lebron finna be a galaxy opal and so will kobe signature series kobe dropping first

Everything turns to toxicity.


look you cant blame something like this on the community bottom line. if you dont want to spill secret stuff, dont spill secret stuff to unreliable sources. goes straight down from the military to someone like myself working a digital support job.

if youre a general and you spill secret stuff, you lose your career and go to jail. if i start spilling peoples credit card information at my job, i get fired and good luck to me finding another career

this isnt our fault they screwed up. and it sure as hell isnt right that people have had so much mt from shoes, badges, contracts lost to this too. this better be fixed or its the definition of a scam


The customer is never wrong. Only when buying MT or VC from third parties, or anything else that violates the TOS and EULA.

Redeeming a widespread code found on Twitter did not break any part of their terms, and as such, we the customers are not wrong. They are.


this going straight to brandon G when he responds from tier 2 lol

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Go check the latest tweet from the myteam twitter and read all the replies if you guys need a good laugh.

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This is so spot on - and any thought like this.

Support to @Knezius for standing up for the little guy - shit - if you can’t get behind other players, you need to leave. This isn’t a grey area, as the violation of an agreement to get banned - this is straight up a VALID CODE. Entered and accepted - they have control over that shit, like put out a single-use code for that PD - this ins a virtual currency, they can lock up money, but they can’t lock up a card? Good god.

Nobody cares about the care - it wasn’t that great - but it was good enough to make kids fire sell their Diamond LBJ to try to improve their team. You watch the 2KTV videos - that guy always says, “you are going to want to update your squad to compete” or some variation - the pressure to stay with the best cards to keep up or be left behind is stupid.

They could have just turned it to a free agent - or blocked the code – damage done - they learn - move on - instead, the kids lose out on trying to compete…empathy is the reality check here - not a moral judgment on if we should have had the code or not. VALID CODE - look up the world valid.

Anyhow - I think why most are pissed is that we all felt like maybe 2K doesn’t care…but it was conjecture - this isn’t conjecture - this is a slap and if you can’t see it, you are still asleep.