I think this is a very Competitive Ruby starting five

My idea with this is you have a starting five that can literally do everything. What do y’all think?

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I’d just say Klay over Dipo but otherwise not bad.

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Kuzma is not good as his ratings suggest and Isaac is a better option as PF and SF. SG Jr or Klay obviously but Wall and Sikma are great.


I’d say you would lose against OP teams but this lineup is not too bad. Some tweaks (adding amy cards instead of Sikma and Dipo maybe) but it could work. Wall is insanely good.

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That would be better as he can guard 1-4. I never see him on the AH though.

Well, I seen someone talking about making an all ruby lineup so I decided to see what I think would work. I might edit it with AMYs cards cause I think I can form a pretty good op budget team.

Ruby melo, diaw, ibaka

That’s really good! That bench is a problem

Thanks man, ive altered the starters and bench so many times. Josh smith and durant have white gum kobes.

Jr has diamond d shoe
Wallace has diamond curry shoe
Pippen has diamond Curry’s
Josh smith has diamond Curry’s
Embiid has gold 3 point shoe

John Wall has diamond D shoe
Tatum has diamond d shoe
Jackson has diamond Curry’s
Isaac has gold 3 shoe
Porzingis has diamond rebound and strength shoe

Where’s the GOAT Boris Diaw?

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My Ruby starting 5 is Wall, Klay or JR, Tatum, Harrington, Ibaka or Bol. I sometimes play 3 random PDs and all rubies.