I think they fixed Ray Allen release! Confirmed

I think they fixed Ray Allen release! Confirmed

I’m testing out his release now I’m myplayer and it feels smoove and fast, kinda doesn’t even look like his release, this just my first game with it and first quarter, I will update this after I finish the game but so far it feels like they did, I honestly forgot I was using Ray Allen’s release

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You got the game

Naw the demo, when u choose jumpshots

Nice. One of my favorite players but I hated his shot this year.

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Yea it felt good all game, I didn’t feel like I was struggling to time his release it felt natural, I hope it stays like this

Most of those jumpshots are not right in the demo.

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I don’t remember seeing an option for animations on the demo? Did I miss something?

Do you have any footage of the jumpshot?

the demo is just busted. it feels horrible, makes 2k19 feel like the GOAT basketball game. it’s cause its a 16gb demo, the base full game before any patches is 40gb. there’s simply no way they took 2 steps forward with 2k19 and decided to turn around and sprint the other direction for 2k20. also 30fps 1080p.

Naw I don’t, I tho about it but I didn’t, I’ll try it again, I still got 3 more builds to make

Also who idea was it put the demo on rookie. Demo was a joke

Confirmed his release is not the same as last year, testing out the gold card