I think the rain Is NOT coming down?

Does anyone got the feeling in their bones we getting more GOATs tomorrow?


I need massive token update right now


1000 token GOAT cards… I can dream
But what are the chances that cards to lock in sets for tokens go up once they drop those Token GOATs? I just picked up Klay, Lonzo, and I pulled Yao from my free pack.

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If they drop :goat: on the token market do you have to have all the tiers unlocked

I’m only on amy

I have a feeling about this week. Long time packs in July… sound like baiting people to spend and then, boom!

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If it’s the same as last year then no.

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I definitely dont think the game is over yet. They know they can still make money so it makes no sense for them to stop now.

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2K season ain’t over till we get a perfect GO Giannis. That’s the real end-game.


I think we might get one more set of new evo upgrades and duos as well. Hopefully.

Yea we still need to see pg giannis and auctionable opal AD to say its real endgame

also i think GOAT curry means that there will be more goat, just do not expected them to be free they might be auctionable like mj and magic. I am a huge curry fan but tbh i dont think he deserves a Goat card over all time greats like wilt, bill russell, Duncan and Big O.

But even if there is a goat bill russell, unless they are changing his shot and sigs, I still think wiseman would be better regardless of how many hof badges the goat russell will get? The only player that deserves goat and will get me excited is wilt.

The token zach lavine needs an evo !

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They’re going to milk this.

GOAT Curry shows more GOATs are coming.


i dont get why yall expect the token market update/drop to be the same as 2k19 as well
it was the first time the concept of token existed in 2k19, its not like they have been doing it for years and be consistent with content/update date, i wouldnt be surprise the current goat would not be on the market update at all, instead they drop a goat bill/wilt/big O exclusively for token market


Even though there will still be super packs and the Prime 3 Lebron pack available, I fully expect some :fire: to drop tomorrow via the pack market (with a GOAT card) and or a Token Market update

The last time we got the GOAT Larry Bird spotlights we got got 2 GOATs the same week with GOAT Kareem and GOAT Magic


impatient to see which cards will get their third galaxy opal version tomorrow

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when spotlight bird dropped, the goat in packs were Kareem and Magic (bird’s rival)
i would have expected a goat lebron to be dropped but the prime opal one is still in packs…

it would be so dumb to release an identic lebron that will probably be able to play point guard when one of his opals is in packs and the other in superpacks

Ikr GOAT Lebron would be perfect… but I just don’t see them dropping him while the other version of him is available


At this point, they bout to drop these GOAT cards day before 2K21 release ffs

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