I think i found my end game line-up

I went for a good balance of shooting, athleticism, and defence. What are your thoughts?

Not bad, even though there is alot of flaws

Flaws? I think its pretty good. Granger and Paul George have diamond 3 point shoes and tmac and KD have diamond defence shoes

You should have told it before. Now it’s a very good lineup :slight_smile:

Even though Durant at PF is weak. If you face a AD or someone like me who as a paint with Kareem at C and Hakeem at PF, it’s going to be hard

Yeah KD is a bit of a mis match on defence at times but I’m good at defending the low post so it isn’t TOO bad. PLUS, he makes up for it on offense :laughing:

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I would use west over mitchell

I have West and his size and difficulty to finish in the paint is really a pain

You have mcgrady, granger, and 98 Durant in that bench lineup and are worried about finishing in the paint with your pg?

I need all, and I mean ALL my players be able to score inside

Add posterizer to west and he dunks just fine

He doesn’t, trust me I’ve been playing with him for a while and in defense he is OK but everyone has a Lebron or Giannis so it’s inguardable. And on offfense, he can only shoot, layups are too often blocked

He’s been my bench point guard since clutch closers was out. You’re exaggerating that every bench has a tall point guard; that’s just not true. West shoots 58% on the season and 50% from 3. Also hof dimer and defensive stopper is a pretty big deal; something Mitchell dearly misses and keeps his value under 80k. Also how does Mitchell fare against every team which happens to run LeBron and Giannis as their bench point guard?

Second unit lacks rim protection imo. Get that new Gasol when he gets cheaper.

How is Granger on defense against top diamond SFs? Loved him during winter.

Glad to hear that you can use it good. I prefer Donovan

And yes I meet alot, 4/5, teams that have a tall PG on starting and bench

I had jerry west since the collection came out and I cant use him. Hes great on D and being an orchestrator for my offense but he misses so many shots me me, and I hate his release. I prefer Donovan Mitchell as he can shoot just as good, defend just as good and can finish 10x better than jerry west

Granger does just fine against other diamond SF’s. I just cant take him out of my line-up with that 3pt shoe