I think I can actually see the equalizer in effect

I got 2 PD Roses on my main and farm and i can really tell the difference.

On my main team thats 98 he plays fine, decent, shots alright all good

however on my brand new farm team i started yesterday FOR this rose… its all 75 silvers and this rose

his worst shooting performance has been 6/9 from 3 … 67% IS HIS WORST

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That’s an interesting way to have a sort of a test factor.

There are outliers, such as your farm account maybe getting matched with easier competition because of lack of record/historic success.

But still interesting. Let us know what you experience as you keep playing on both. Especially if you end up with a good record for a round, and play a 2nd round on your farm account.

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I’ve thought about doing this as well.

Interested to hear how this progresses once you have more games played. Thanks for sharing.

Farming accounts have no win streaks so usually they are actually boosted. I have been getting an error code for some time and i have 2-3 losses everytime. Next game i manage to start with 8-9pds lol u should see how cpu defends without me busting my ass. All my defensive settings work flawlessly.