I think Curry is now seeing what it's like on the other side

What Curry did last night showed that he is Golden State. That’s the best player on that team and the most valuable over everyone. But now Steph is seeing what LeBron had to do against his team for the past 4 finals in a row. Takes energy to pull your team to a victory without much help. I have more respect for Steph tho now.


Durant saved Curry and the Warriors ass.

They lost to LeBron and ran right to KD after a 73 win season.

I see your point though I said the same thing lol. Its not fun dropping 47 in a Finals loss.


You gotta respect Lebron :innocent:
51 on game one and JR Choked


Praise that man. No doubt. He knows it that’s why he can share it with KD. Curry built The Oracle. There’s no buzz like the buzz when curry hits a 3 at home. The damn kids be giddy

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Fuck yeah man. Game 1 last year. Second time he’s thrown a alley oop to himself against us that play stands out to me man. I miss LeBron this year

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Hahaha My lakers future
is somewhat on the line this summer

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Haha don’t worry I’m not a lebron fan

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Wait they didn’t lose to the Cavs after a 73 win season and run to KD immediately?

Hell Draymond hit KD up in the parking lot right after Bron popped them.

Maybe its the Mandela effect :joy::joy:

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I will be a LeBron fan but he’s def not my fave SF. I loved LeBron before the Decision. I think most did…

If we win he’s not cummin

It was a blessing that Dray called Bron a bitch. Bron played himself

I respect Curry and Klay, especially more before the whole KD joining thing happened. But they have a great team. I like Iggy and Livingston too, I respect most of the team except KD and Draymond tbh

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U miss Harrison Barnes?

I still think you can’t hold that against him. He wanted a new experience. Coming into the league at 18 with no help against everyone else was hard on LeBron. Especially after piggybacking the entire bumsquad in 07

Not to shade Barnes but to this day I haven’t seen him hit two 3’s in a row

They literally did just that tho. Draymond said the first thing he did was call bob myers and Durant to set the shit up.

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No doubt. That’s why I like young bron

Its a blessing Dray called KD a bitch because now he’s gone.

The only ring the Warriors ever won without KD was vs the Cavs when Delladova was Brons number 2.

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Someone’s getting banned today lmao

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