I swear to god if we dint get KG (and shaq) this week I’m going to lose it

This has been drawn out for so long I just wanna play with shaq. The only thing I will let it slide is releasing ACTUAL awards players, or opal Tmac or porzingis. Anything else and I’ll have little reason to turn 2k on

Keep calm & drop that vc slowly

Don’t loose it bro!!

For real! And update the damn token rewards.

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At this point is he really gonna be better than GO Yao Ming? Guy’s only 20 lbs heavier and 5 inches shorter and a guaranteed less 3 ball.

Dare I say it, but 7’1 is now considered short at Center in MyTeam terms.

7’1 is not considered short
It’s just yao is considered Tall

Literally all the good centers are 7’1 or below except KAJ who’s 7’2 lol. DRob, Hakeem, Wilt, AD, Ayton, KAR, Cousins…

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Anyway even though I’m getting him I don’t Shaq being gamebreaking either. KAJ is top top tier. Top 3 card on the game for me.

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KAJ is amazing best center rn imo.


Keep that thang tight, bro! Don’t just give it up to anyone.

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For sure. Yao has the height but KAJ is considerably better overall. When he get’s takeover he turns into Opal Giannis.

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I don’t realky care if he is ‘gamebreaking’ or anything he will be god regardless. I like to get all my favorite players on my team, especially ones I’ve seen IRL so that’s why KP and Shaq have to be there haha


What are you going to loosen tho? :thinking:


Until Shaq pop out with 83 ball control

Pretty crazy they made Shaq unobtainable last season and now made everyone wait until the game is dead to grab him.

It’s not like he’s OP anymore compared to the other centers.

It’s almost like they don’t want you to buy the next game if you’re a high achiever lol


Shaq going to be speed boosting breaking ankles unlike yao ming. Also, your username a w.

2k about to make Shaq the most unrealistic Shaq in 2k history.

They should bump his weight to 320 or more and give him natural 99 strength. Probably gonna come with 100 standing dunk tendency, 100 block/contest and give him 0 foul/hard foul tendencies too. Basically make him a big Moses.

Then to make him fit in give him a 90 3 ball and 95 speed/swb/acceleration and lat quickness.

OR they could completely disrespect him like they did GO Bird and give him the same amount of HOF badges as Fred.

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GO Shaq… Coming in September w/ your Pre-order of 2k20!!