I Swear if they patch this Fantasy Domination

to be easier after i beat this crap I’m gonna be pissed! this damn lakers conference team WTF. How does 2k not see magic hitting shots thru manute bols body, threes going through my defenders arms as i jump out at it and should be blocked, psychic pump faking in the post Got damn. Just my daily domination rant

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From hero to zero.Dude was good with zigzag blow bys last year. THIS year ? R.I.P


Damn…LmaO never seen someone hold on to a L so long :rofl:

This is a realistic scenario, what’s wrong with this ? Is Bol in HOF and we don’t know or Magic is just a regular player ?

Through his body? lmao i heard it all :rofl:

Boy, you are not the only one playing this game. I’ve never seen an animation like that this year. Do you have proof ? Bol is slim and has low str, most likely camera angle made you see it like that.


You win!:rofl:

Doesn’t have to be yours, find a video that proves such thing happens in Youtube lol. Happens to noone but you ?

This is why I love this year’s 2K.

Like the through the body pass for example? I like this years game but there are still some strange things happening.



2ks physics engine is so bad for a game that makes so much money. You’d think they would fix these things eventually.

Or the “I knock all your teeth out” shot contest?


The shot contests around the basket make no sense at times. It seems like fouls are just completely random sometimes. I’ve been mauled by a defender before and gotten nothing and other times I’ll barely be touched and get free throws

Yes, freethrows and foul calls are really strange this year imo. But overall a big and very nice improvement. Far from perfect though.

I beat the 2000s team with Shaq and that stupid Suns team. Jesus those motherfuckers dont miss. I had to be corny and offball whatever. Peja was swatting MJ :joy::joy: at least the rest of the teams dont look too bad

lmao! I finally made it to all time domination…I found it easy when i set full court press/Smother on ball/Deny off ball( These settings for everyone in general)/ then come down smash 3’s with curry

Also I would set post to 3/4 bottom

I just off ball the shittiest shooter (Kawhi last game and let my boys do the work) Spamming a play that gets a dunk most the time or a 3pt play until my % is good, and trying to score on the fast break for bonus points.

About to try it now…plan to be done with this by tomorrow.