I say this every year

Could we please avoid putting any form of spoilers in titles of threads when the NBA season starts. I usually do not get to watch the games until the next day due to a time zone difference and I know others are in the same boat.


I would probably check the scores before 2kgamer, :upside_down_face: but good luck with this.

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The time zone thing has to be a drag but you guys got 2k before us and they gave away so many tokensā€¦ I mean took away so many tokens lol

Taken tokens?

That glitch that was going on for euro release where they got tons of tokens then they reset everyone and it took away all there progress and even pre order stuff lol, that was how I knew the year would go on 2k

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Sorry I just took a toke. :peace_symbol:

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move to the east coast

During the season I watch roughly a game a day, checking the scores spoils it for me and there is always a risk. Regular season I dont mind the odd spoiler, come playoff time I go dark.

Last year the community here was really good at not spoiling thingsā€¦fingers crossed for this year.

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I dont live in the states