I rather go to work, Mow my lawn, then play Domination or any cpu mode

What the hell is wrong with these losers that run MyTeam. I don’t want to be a pro gamer. I don’t want to play 24/7. I just want to play to have fun on my own time. Domination and all these offline or cpu modes should not be like this. They are not fun. I rather do anything but play this modes in life.

I beat 80% of domination. Its just not fun. There are no rewards for your time. Its a slap in the face. Is this meant to turn people off.

It worked I am done with this game. Not coming back. Done with sport video games and stupid gambling modes. And playing the same game with a patch year after year.

Bought the game for PS5 as I knew it was garbage. I don’t want a PS5 or Series X. Just building a PC and moving on.


well if you play on PC MT is dirt cheap

MyTeam is not ‘for fun’ for years.

Now I would argue it’s a decently fun 2nd job, but a 2nd job it is.

I think you have to be obsessed like I am and play no other games to really have any chance at decent rewards.

And even then you’ll usually grind for a player that is only usable for 1-2 weeks before being outdated.

I’m sure if I even get Curry (I’m at level 28 and the last 10 levels require a crazy amount of points) then he will be outdated shortly.

Speaking of work, my manager was talking to me today about an applicant for a job we posted and she said “you’ll like her, she’s really anal. I love anal.” I almost laughed in her face lol


Give it a month when you can just buy VC and ripped packs with Pink Diamonds in em. The game will get easier against the CPU once those cards come out.

Lol I remember I was put in like this women’s literature class in college…only guy there.

And the teacher was mentioning BBC (the news channe) and was like does anyone watch it. These 2 girls were like omg I love bbc that’s the only thing I watch. At the time I didn’t know it was a news source I was like like bruhhhh wtffff is going on :sob:


myteam doesnt get good till ASG Weekend


myteam sucks early game every year just play park with friends until like all-star break

I Agree. Any kind of long grind for cards that Will be outdated in a couple of months is not worth it

I dont know. I enjoy this year’s offline gameplay. I can improvise play using my instincts and my incredibly high basketball IQ :slight_smile: hahah.
I don’t spam one play like I did for the last couple of year’s just to get through that grind as quickly as possible.

It’s designed to elicit this exact reaction and hope you spend money.

Never bought vc or mt. Always had all POTM and highest collectors level :wink:

Play MyLeague it still good. I hope there feature for solo battle(offline MTU) for next gen NBA 2k21

Doesn’t it make you twice the loser since you’re playing myteam and you gotta complain about cpu ?

Dont fall into the xp trap. Its just to make people rip 450k vc because all cards suddenly have value on the ah.

@508G37 read the OP


Hopefully it will open your eyes about the 2k grind

I really only want Mikan, and I’ll skip right to all time without finishing the others. Not going for anything crazy

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