I rarely ask for opinions, but need some help

I’m going with either PD playoff Kawhi w Kobe AD mids or PD MJ…not sure what shoe yet.

Needs… Starting 2 spot. Has to be lockdown defender & able to score in transition since I outlet to my 2. Needs to hit the post fade & open 3. They both seem to be ideal…so whats yalls opinion?

Kawhi has 3 point plays


Blurry ass lineup fwiw


Really giannis and ak are your point guards smh heavy

Yeah Giannis w HOF dimer. Waste anywhere else. He is also the main ball handler for the Bucks in case you dont watch NBA.

AK has the playmaking to run the 1, does it bother you that much? Grow up. Play how u want.

he grinded like shit to get giannis he should play him wherever

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Amen. Gonna cop this Kawhi & match up w one of y’all soon.

Love that rewards squads. P.j. Brown that good for you?

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Best kept secret in 2k…besides emerald Nate McMillan

Yeah giannis is the main ball handler but he plays pf and ak cheese is just pathetic. Prolly just bad at the game and compensate for that with cheese smh.

How bout we play & stream it. You on XB?

@Shoko this chick in this thread thinks thats cheese. LMAO. She has no clue.

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I’m good with not playing against that juiced lineup. Let me guess tho. You off ball and full court press too?

No need for all that