I pulled 2 PD Jordan in 10pack box.. WTH!

I dont want anyone to start pulling packs cause of this, but is this luck or what?

Pack 4 and 8…


Congrats :champagne::tada:… Everybody pull packs and see if they are glitched

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I’m out on this

But congrats

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Congrats. That’s like when I pulled 2 AI’s in like 7 of the old token packs. Sometimes 2k just gives you crazy pack luck that’s how they reel you in :joy:

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guys check the AH, theres bunch of Jordans up (Xbox)

Ill be your guys guinea pig

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Check lol

Relax Johnny!!!


Its not letting me buy VC lol

Lol I have enough for a 10 box. Dont know if I wanna risk tho

“Purchasing VC is not available at this time, please try again later”

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Nevermind we’re good, forgot i have a $10 gift card


Id do it. Very strange that u cant buy vc.

PD Mj second pack



There’s like 3 MJs that’s been put up within the last 30 minutes. Doesn’t seem like packs are glitched lol

Say less I’m gettin on now

How much in the 4 hour to 355 mark ?