I need your help

Im sitting on 1.1 million MT right now and a pretty stacked squad. I havde 600 cards collected at the moment (already got the 250 tokens earlier) and im 1 PD reqard away from unlocking the GO teir. Is james worthy worth spending all of my MT and getting him? Along the way I will also unlock AK-47 collecting all of those heat check and current cards. Someone please talk some sense into me lol

Worthy looks super cool tho doesn’t he

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And it just feels like there is not really much content i got like 500k potentially and i dont want to spend it on anything available

I don’t think so. My reason being - once you get Worthy, you can’t sell him. All of your MT will now be in Tokens, locked in, and used on Worthy. Wait for some of the more fun players who will be coming out eventually (T-Mac, LeBron, Kobe, Durant, etc). Those guys you can buy and eventually sell if you don’t want them.

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That’s my issue as well. Worthy will be dominant all year, but its just too much MT to lock in. Ive sniped hard for that MT lol. Most of that MT came from TTO reward packs, and sniping. Hard to spend it all on a player ill never be able to sell

Don’t do it. Wait a month and there Will be so much more options that you can resell

If hes not the one dude you’ve always wanted to play i guess better don’t. If it was an opal Westbrook I’d do anything lol

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Whit your amont of Mt you’ll be able to grind not only for Worthy if you take your time you can have AK47 Webber and 100k mt
That’s what iam doing except ak47 I already have it
And you can sell back all other cards except HC