I need some help on how to stop guys like these

Like, what do I even do at this point? I shoot about as efficient as you can possibly shoot from the field, I locked down the paint on D, and outscored him by 30 in the paint.

I mean, is this stuff normal to go 17/20 from 3 & getting bailed out for 15 FT’s and making all of them?

I eventually was forced into having to half court press because my guys were slacking real bad on D. Dude had a cheesy man beater where he would set up his guard for an open 3 on the wing by going over screens up top. Finally caught on to it and forced him to do something else.

2-3 zone was working great, but his players filled in the 3 point gaps perfectly (without being morons and cutting to the rim, something my players can’t comprehend).

Absolutely infuriating outplaying guys, only for the system to cheat you.


Sounds like the CarlosStory play, was it just one screen to the right or left? Offball screen of course

jesus christ 17/20 from 3…you got smoked

I can’t remember off the top of my head honestly. I know it was definately an off ball screen play though.

The guard that the play is intended for would start off on either wing, and the screen would take place around the FT line and the guard would zip around it over the top and find himself wide open on the opposite wing with the defensive CPU completely lost. I had to manually use a help defender to stop it once I figured out what was going on, but that only opened up another hole in my defense.

Playing On Ball defense helps a ton with contesting three pointers.

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Hmm, it sounds like the punch rip 82 or something idk the name. But you gotta switch to the person guarding him to fight around the screen

Watch one of CarlosStory’s youtube gameplays he runs a play very similar to that and it kills people

He just Iverson Series’d you bro…


Na it was an off ball play. I was on-Balling him when he had Giannis just standing on top of the key, but I had to off-ball at the very end to properly guard the cheese play he ran all game, because the CPU was getting killed.

Do you have any gameplay recorded?

Then it’s this one right at 3:05

17/20 from 3pt says no it wasn’t


I hate that play. Still get cooked by it sometimes.

My best advice is to run half court press as soon as you notice they’re going to be bombing from deep. One limitless trailing 3 is all I’m willing to give up playing man-to-man.

For defending the play you described, I’d try switching to one of your bigs on the perimeter to guard the 3, as fighting through the screens is a crapshoot.

Lol off ballers getting cooked ya love to see it

Who’s off-balling?

Nobody lol. He clearly didn’t read the entirety of the situation & jumped to conclusions. Selective reading i guess.

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I don’t think the zone is working bud.

Man to man physical d on. Half court press and try baiting the pass.

Foul him sometimes it helps since it takes time to set up a play.

Manually Contest as much as possible.

I wasn’t running it all game though. He probably made about 5 of those 3’s off my zone. Rest were off the one play he kept running or simple drive & kicks while i was in Man.

I’m not that dumb to run the same thing over & over & have it not work over & over again. That would be the definition of insanity.

Gotta switch defensive settings when you’re playing good D and getting splashed on anyway. Game does go against you sometimes but not 17/20… changes gotta be made at that point fam.
Try extend pressure on specific player
On-ball /off-ball pressure to tight at most
On-ball/off-ball screens set to go over
And just tweak w what YOU feel you need at a given time.