I need some advice

So I gotta ask this because I’m at a point where I feel like I can’t deal with my stress too much more. I wanna give up( on women and relationships).
The girl I was talking to for over a year had recently deleted me on the app that we were talking on and didn’t give me an explanation as to why. Found out that she ended up lying to me by saying she had a boyfriend which I only found out because a friend of mine was talking to a friend of hers.
No matter how much I helped her I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and the problem was I’d always have to message her first which really was irritating for me because it really ruined our relationship, we stopped talking a lot for a while and it only made things worse with us unfortunately.
So now I feel as though I have given up on bettering myself and feel like this for me has become the worst time of my life.
The main reason for that for me is due to the fact that I had tried so hard to change so now I really feel like I’m never going to be good enough for anyone. Which is really how I’ve always felt.

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Damn that sucks to hear!

It’s not easy to give good advice. I think it’s good to be open about how this makes you feel.
But don’t let yourself be pushed back by some dishonest person.
It sucks bad, because without trust you can never open up to people and this hurts/ will let you distrust people in the future.
Try to talk about it with people you trust. Get the bad feelings out and keep try to keep going forward.

And you don’t have to change to please people! Change if you want to, not because you feel like you need to do this for another person.

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It took me a long time to trust anyone and took me a year to trust her.
I went back to old behaviors sadly and it ruined our relationship I feel.
But now she says we won’t be anything but she’s said that before as well and honestly she’s bi polar I believe as well.
She changes her opinion of people a lot tbh.
But I won’t change the way I feel about her or ever fight with her tbh

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Don’t do anything you don’t feel like.

The wife of a good friend ist bi polar. They have a lot of trouble, because she changes her behaviour constantly. It’s tough for them.

If you have the feeling, that old and unwanted habits returned, try to see why. If that makes you feel bad, it might help to erase them again.

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Yeah I understand that. The girl I like being bi polar really f’ed up our relationship. Her mom didn’t overly treat me too well even though I always treated her better than everyone else when she was going through the worst time of her life.
But there’s some people that she has been trying to be with supposedly that are probably some of the worst people I’ve ever met and would try to get with anyone at all they could even cheat on the person they are with.
This generation really makes it tough to love because there’s not much loyalty.
My issues for relationships stems from the fact that I get attached/ obsessive easily and its not because I wanna be that way.
But sadly for me its the fact that I wanna better myself because I have like 0 confidence in myself and I really wanna make someone appreciate me a lot bc I never truly felt like I was good enough for someone. And I have a difficult time with relationships tbh bc I don’t know how to properly communicate.
But I was doing fine and less attached when she told me she loved me because I felt like I was finally good enough but she wouldn’t communicate alot with me and it was a struggle for me so badly.


The feeling of appreciation/being loved by someone is totally human to have.
I know it’s not pushed away by saying don’t pressure yourself. But don’t be to hard on yourself.
You just want, what most people want.
Sadly these days it’s hard to find honest and decent people. But that negative behaviour, that negativity can drag one down for good.

I think you’re a strong guy. You talk open about your feelings and you can reflect your own thoughts and behaviour. That’s something many can’t do or are not willing to do.
I hope you make it through and find someone, who reallly wants to be with you for who you are!

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Brody just relax. Look I’m not trying to downplay anything you’re going thru. We all been there and it sucks.

Especially when you’re a good guy and youre doing your best to be a good partner and to treat her with respect.

From my experience when a girl is acting like that and nothing seems to make sense there are other guys involved and she’s just bopping back and forth between you guys. Alot of them do it.

My most important piece of advice for you is don’t give up. Look the truth is there are alot of women out there like that and they just wanna play games and use as many guys for as many things as they can. But they’re not all like that. And dont let the right one come along and you don’t give her a chance because you think she’s just like the others.

All I can tell you is she’ll come along when you least expect it. It’s almost like when you’re looking for a relationship you can’t find the right one. So take some time and work on yourself. Focus on some hobbies maybe start working out or something. Work a few more hours. Just take a little break and try to take your mind off of things.

Either way don’t do anything you’ll regret. You have alot of guys around here that care abt you and we’re always here to talk to.