I need me some Cp3 Slander and A LOT of it

Please, for the love of god. How badly is this guy media protected. Biggest choker in NBA history.

Is he media protected? Pat Bev was on ESPN all day just shit talking him :smiley:

edit: but I am all in for more CP3 slander for sure


What’s up, man?

…kinda disagree on CP3. Without diving deep into it, from memory I’ve got a couple of choke jobs from Paul. Other times his body broke down.

This last one was a bit sad. What is he, 37 years old? And he’s 6’ tall in a world of giants. His body, his legs, just died.

He’s still the point god. Check his basketball reference page again. He’s an all-time great.


Well he’s at the end of his career. I feel like you guys are giving him the Lebron treatment, where just because he’s still good in old age, for some reason the more intense criticism becomes.

Bottom line, CP3 out, Luka in.

Slander KD for choking while in his prime lol

The way we see Charles Barkley getting roasted by shaq, our kids gonna have Lebron roasting CP3 about rings

Booker avoids a lot of slander for a guy who runs his mouth as much as he does. I’m blaming him way more than CP3 for that game. No way a 37 year old 6’0 point guard should be held more responsible for a guy in his prime that thinks he’s the second coming of Kobe


Agree with placing the blame on Booker and Ayton although hasn’t Booker said that he doesn’t like the Kobe comparisons?

he always hurt in the playoff. He is too small but he wants to play physical (or…dirty).