I need load management for load management

Doris Burke breaking it down. I’m really over it. Fans pay a lot of money to go to games and this early in the season is makes no sense to have all this load management. Fans understand that closer to the playoffs, stars may take nights off in preparation, but it’s NOVEMBER.

Adam Silver, time to step up.



With kawhi he’s had lingering issues so i dont have an issue with it. We cant force them to play


We have too many injuries issues those last years… 82 games + preseason + playoff is not human…

Reduce the number of games in the season and don’t allow “load management” is what they should do.

That maybe so. But when players put their bodies thru the grind over and over AGAIN. And then this dude is called best player in the world? Get that garbage outta there.

You do know how much it helps to get these rest days? Hence his team does not care and why the F he dosent just skip the regular season and maybe even few playoff rounds all together and play like 8 games or so and be called best player in the world?

Shit is corny AF.


But the NBA has had this kind of schedule for decades. Maybe the difference is the pace of play has increased? It can’t just be the number of games.

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Y’all really have super high expectations of these guys physical limits


Maybe yes the it’s the pace or I don’t know.

But even when we speak about Kobe, look how broken he was at the end of his career. He heard he didn’t have anymore gristle to maintain his knees. He had to do injection everyday to be able to run without crying because of the pain.

There were star players injuried in every finale for the past years this is also becoming to be a problem…

Sure, but Kobe’s a rather extreme example, no? Still, I get where you’re going with that. But why not just taper off minutes and games towards the end of the season like most teams do? It’s November. The season just started. He’s missing televised games. Just seems terrible to me.

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The GOAT didn’t have that problem


It’s this plus what people don’t realize is these guys have most likely been playing since they were 5 that’s still wear and tear all the way up until their current ages. And yea it sucks for fans to miss out on a match up like that one but it’s just like our 9-5 jobs, if we had the opportunity to not go and still get paid we would.

He took 2 years off :joy::joy:

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It’s true that the players seems to be more fragile now… I don’t know why tho…

that’s true man it sucks !

I think players are getting scared to see all this injuries lately …

But Kawhi seems to be particularly careful like he did with the Spurs… this sucks for the fan for sure…

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Everybody ain’t Lebron

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True. And as unfair as it is, I’ve long been convinced that Bron is on the sauce, but that’s just my unsubstantiated opinion.


Kawhi just doesn’t care about the regular season or stats. all he cares about is winning championships and smacking the Lakers

Yeah, and I love that about Kawhi, but I just can’t get down with load management on a nationally televised game night at the beginning of NOVEMBER. Seems absurd.


How can they smack LA when they can’t control Booker

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Harden being 2 years older then Leonard got nearly 2x minutes played in regular season lol.


People are rolling up on the Suns thinking it’ll be an easy night and getting surprised.

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