I need help with my supremely mediocre bench

I’m super broke and only have 40k
cos my starters are so much better now
Here is my bench:

  1. Ruby Penny Hardaway (he’s actually not that bad)
  2. Diamond Lebron
  3. Amy Giannias
  4. Diamond Kevin Love
  5. Diamond Bob Lanier

btw I know half of you would say buy Hedo, please don’t

Get ruby jrue holiday

Could do diamond penny if you already like the ruby, I have him and hes not half bad.
Edit: I have no idea his price atm though.

I recommend diamond Murray to any and everyone for a card that plays way above his price

Ruby stephen jackson and ruby josh Richardson are also viable budget bench options at the wing

I could buy diamond penny, too


  • darius miles
  • diamond KAT ( purple shirt )
  • Bent barry to replace hardaway or diamond lilliard if you got MT left
  • diamond kuz is almost like the first PD he should be almost free with the new pd

Simple fix. Scrap Penny, upgrade to HC Giannis who becomes a diamond sometimes and put him at the 1. Put Lebron at the 3 and get a pure sharpshooter to hold down the 2. I’d recommend someone like Amy JR, dia Ray Ray, or someone similar. Cheaper options include Josh Richardson and Brent Barry

buy Hedo

Try siakam amy. U can play him at 3 if u want. Better at 4 but u could sell love and get a better 3 too.

This^ Buy Hedo and start him at the 2 sadly it doesn’t get much better and simpler than him. Your starting 2 could then hit the bench

this Siakam is no joke, will be interesting to see a Diamond one

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ok thanks for all the answers

This amy is a TTO beast. Fuck i cant wait till a diamond or a pd. When he is in takeover its g fucking g

Diamond/Amy Oscar instead of Penny.